Få kontroll på er eventinsamling i Operations Manager

Det är vanligt förekommande att vi ser båda databaserna i SCOM fyllas upp av massiva mängder av onödig data - något som snabbt kan påverka prestandan negativt.

Låt oss titta lite närmare på vad som händer och vilka åtgärder vi kan genomföra för en renare och mer välmående miljö.

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Webcast - Free predictive Analytics For Microsoft System Center

Approved Consulting and Opslogix arranged a webinar to demonstrate the strength of implementing IT Service Analytics for your operational data in this recorded webcast.

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Automated analysis - the shortcut to proactive monitoring

The transition from reactive to proactive monitoring can in some cases be a real challenge for IT organizations. This usually involves a lot of tuning of thresholds and alerts to give an early indication if a resource might fail. It can also increase the alert noise in your environment and to succeed with the proactive initiative, more IT staff might be required to work with all the new alerts and indications to prevent a possible service failure.

To deliver a successful implementation of proactive monitoring with the increased amount of events generated from growing numbers of devices each year, another approach needs to be considered.

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